Workpackages and outputs

The CodingGirl project, supported by the partners' long-term experience from their everyday professional life, research activities carried out and data collected in terms of the current situation of girls' interest in STEAM subjects in general and coding specifically, aims to develop:

WP2 - CodingGirl Hackathon and Compendium - the first activities of the project will be focused on organising a hackathon with TG2 - teachers and educators. Within its framework we will define critical areas for improving the approach to supporting girls in STEAM in general and also specifically in IT. At the end of the project, (i) a methodology oriented to the specific educational needs of girls and (ii) a Compendium summarising examples of good practice captured during the implementation of the project's activities will be developed

WP3 - Women in Code - through the story of successful women working in the technology industry, software companies or directly creating useful applications, girls will learn what coding is actually about, what are the possibilities of their future employment in the technology industry or why they don't have to be excellent in mathematics.

The partners will approach some of the best women in the IT business and prepare living libraries, in which their success stories will be discussed directly by their actors as the examples of good practice, and at the same time space for questions will be provided to female participants. Living libraries will be implemented in a hybrid way to offer girls the opportunity to compare the different life experiences of women in countries with different cultures and ways of life.

WP4 - CodingGirl educational platform – an educational platform using interactivity, multimedia and gamification principles, but taking into account the age and specific interests of the educational participants - it will be focused on (anticipated topics that can be modified according to the results of the first activities):

- microbit programming,

- creation of mobile widgets,

- creation of online games,

- graphic design,

- 3D printing.



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